The customers report offers key insights about your customers. Head over to Reports > Customers Report to access this report.

This report offers the following metrics for a given date range:

  • Total Visitors: The total amount of customers who have clicked on or landed on the website, regardless if a purchase was made.

  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of total sessions that resulted in a single page view by a user.

  • Time on site: The average total amount of time spent on the site by an average user.

  • Average Pages per visit: The average number of page views per session on your online store.

  • Conversion Rate: The rate at which shoppers on your site make a purchase during their session.

  • Orders from new Customers: The amount of purchases placed by a customer who has never purchased from you before, of the total amount of orders placed in the selected time period.

  • Cart Abandonment Rate: The rate at which customers have added items to their cart but opted not to continue to purchase.

  • Abandoned Cart Value: The total sales value of the items in a cart that customers have abandoned by not completing their payment at checkout.

  • Customer Acquisition: A breakdown of where customers who placed an order originated from. Helpful in evaluating the efficacy and return of your marketing spend.

  • Repeat Customer Revenue (% of revenue): The percentage of revenue that came from customers who have purchased from you before.

  • Lifetime Orders/Customer: The amount of orders placed by a repeat customer over their lifetime. A lifetime is also assumed to be 3 years.

  • Lifetime Value: The customer lifetime value tells you the total monetary value of the average customer.

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