The marketing report offers key insights derived from your Google Analytics and advertising data. Head over to Reports > Marketing Report to access this report.

This report offers the following metrics for a given date range:

  • Ad Send Per Order: The amount of advertising spent on a specific tagged campaign to drive orders.

  • Return on Ad Spend: Return on Ad Spend (ROAs) is the remaining gross profit from the orders that advertising spend directly generated.

  • Conversion Rate: The rate at which shoppers on your site make a purchase during their session.

  • Lifetime Value: The customer lifetime value tells you the total monetary value of the average customer.

  • Customer Acquisition Cost Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) indicates the amount of spend required to bring in a new customer, creating a cost per customer. CAC is the sales and marketing spend (discounts and customer success teams can be included) divided by the new customers within the same period.

  • Net Value Per Customer: The net value per customer takes the lifetime customer value less the cost of acquiring that customer. This ratio is a measure of the return on acquisition spend on a per customer basis. It gives an indication of whether your CAC is too high relative to the average monetary value of the customer.

  • Site Traffic (Paid vs. Organic)

  • Paid Media By Channel

  • Campaign History

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