Do you use ShipStation for your business? If you do, please check out our ShipStation Integration! More information here.

For all other shipping providers, follow the instructions below:

Navigate to Data > Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are managed and entered by the user under “Shipping Costs”. This allows users the flexibility to enter their exact shipping expenses for any type of courier or delivery provider. While it is suggested users enter your expenses on a frequent basis, it can be done monthly as well, should it be easier to enter a total amount from a statement/invoice.

Decisions made on shipping costs and their effect on financial performance, are typically done on an average order basis (not on an order-by-order basis) to help you make sure you are marking up your products with enough margin - which is what we have done! Displaying your shipping total and average order metrics.

To Add a Shipping Cost, enter the Payee, Cost and Date. Hit Save.

Note: The shipping cost you enter is automatically split across each day of the month. For example, if you create a shipping cost of $1,000 on Jan 17, we will split this $1,000 across each of the 31 days in January. So your shipping cost for Jan 17 will be $32.25, not $1,000.

Also, new shipping costs you create will be adjusted in your metrics at the next daily sync. For example, if you create a shipping cost at 5 pm. local time, it will be factored into your metrics at 12:00 am. local time next day (when the daily sync occurs).

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