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OrderMetrics combines accurate profit reporting, with insights to grow your business.

Our software can help improve your paid marketing performance, reduce shipping costs and increase your customer lifetime value.

Before you start, please know that we're always here to help you. Use the chat option to the bottom-right, or send us an email at support@ordermetrics.com.

Sign in to OrderMetrics

To sign in to your OrderMetrics account, head over to http://app.ordermetrics.com/ We suggest bookmarking this page for easy access.

How do I add an advertising integration to my OrderMetrics account?

Simple. Please follow the following navigation steps.

  • Data > Integrations > Facebook

  • Data > Integrations > Google Ads

Either of these paths will take you through a setup flow where you grant access to OrderMetrics from Google Ads or Facebook.

How do I setup Product Costs in OrderMetrics?

Navigate to Data > Product Costs

All product costs are imported from Shopify. Integrate your Shopify Store, and as long as you have added your Cost per Item in Shopify, you will be able to view your Product Costs.

Seeing blank Product Costs in OrderMetrics? Make sure you add your Cost per Item in Shopify. Here’s a link to help you out.

How do I configure Shipping Costs in OrderMetrics?

Navigate to Data > Shipping Costs

To Add a Shipping Cost, enter the Payee, Cost and Date. Hit Save.

Check out our full guide on setting up Shipping Costs.

Transaction Fees

Transaction Fees are automatically synced if you use Shopify payments. Your transaction fees are displayed as an aggregate sum on the dashboard. For any other online payment gateway, we suggest entering monthly totals as Operating Costs. Please use the Category "Transaction Fees" and set the Payee as the name of the Online Payment Gateway.

Learn more in our full guide.

Operating Costs

Operating Costs are the expenses which are related to operating your business. They are fixed costs required to run your business, like salaries, rent, and software subscriptions that you need to generate revenue.

Head over to Data > Operating Costs to create an operating cost. Learn more in our full guide.


We offer several reports that hep you gauge how you're doing across the customer journey. Check out the links below for details of each report.

  1. Financial Report

  2. Orders Report

  3. Marketing Report

  4. Products Report

  5. Customer Report


Check out our FAQs section for answers to commonly asked questions.

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