The “Insights” section from the legacy OrderMetrics has been replaced by the “Reports” section in the all-new OrderMetrics. We have built a new reporting model that focuses on helpful insights more than numbers in a table. We are looking to continuously iterate by enriching these reports and adding new ones based on user feedback and market trends.

Product Insights

The legacy OrderMetrics offered the following product related reports in the Insights section

  • Products

  • Product Variants

  • Product Type

  • Products Purchased Together

  • Products Purchased Together (By Variant)

All of the above reports have been replaced in the all-new OrderMetrics with the “Products” report:

The ability to export the report to CSV is on the roadmap for 2021. Additionally, the following reports have been sunset in favor of more helpful insights spread across different reports in the all-new OrderMetrics:

  • Insights > Shipping

  • Insights > Customer

  • Insights > Location

  • Insights > Vendor

  • Insights > Shipping Analysis

Shipping analytics are now displayed in the new Order report:

We are also introducing a brand new Customers report.

Learn more about each of the new reports in our guides below:

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