In the legacy OrderMetrics, users had the following options to configure COGS:

  • Estimated COGS (percentage of retail price)

  • Import COGS per product directly from the sales channel (Shopify & BigCommerce)

  • Manually import COGS per product using CSV files

  • Manually enter COGS per product inside the app

  • Manually enter COGS per order inside the app

  • Import COGS per order from AliExpress

With the launch of the all-new OrderMetrics, we have sunset all of the above options except pulling Product Costs directly from the sales channel, i.e Shopify at launch. Integrate your Shopify Store, and as long as you have added your Cost per Item in Shopify, you will be able to view your Product Costs.

Seeing blank Product Costs in OrderMetrics? Make sure you add your Cost per Item in Shopify.

Have your product costs changed?

Our vision for product costs, is that we will capture product cost changes that you make in Shopify, in OrderMetrics. Once you update the costs in Shopify, we will automatically update the values in OrderMetrics - i.e we will automatically track any changes you make in Shopify to your Cost per Item. This feature takes over the “Historical COGS” feature that was introduced in the legacy OrderMetrics.

To be clear, this is not available at launch. This is something that will be scoped and planned to release in 2021.

Why does this add value? Shopify doesn't track when your cost changes. They only show a static Cost per item. By tracking it for you, we create a way for you to review your inventory costs over time for specific products. Powerful to help you spot opportunities, without thinking about it -- we'll take that off your plate.

Why were most of the COGS configuration options removed?

We've simplified this feature, as it's complexity was confusing for most users. This was demonstrated by a significant number of questions and complaints.

The new implementation requires less effort for the user, it reduces complexity of the product (no need for multiple rules to set COGS) and allows a user to simply manage their cost per item within their workflow, without worrying that the historical costs will not be captured.

What happens to the COGS data I had in the legacy OrderMetrics?

At this time, we have chosen not to migrate legacy COGS data from your legacy OrderMetrics account. If you had manually entered your COGS in the legacy OrderMetrics, they will not migrate over to the all-new OrderMetrics. We will pull the COGS for each product directly from Shopify.

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