With the launch of the all-new OrderMetrics, we have removed most of the advertising integrations that were previously available in the legacy OrderMetrics. These include:

  • Amazon Ads

  • Snapchat Ads

  • Bing Ads

  • Outbrain

Why were the advertising integrations removed?

All of the removed ad integrations were complex to maintain and had very low adoption (less than 0.5% for Amazon Ads, Snapchat Ads, Bing Ads, and Outbrain).

We invested in building the most popular advertising integrations (Facebook Ads and Google Ads) for the launch. We will continue to explore adding new ad platforms based on market potential, technical complexity and user demand.

We are excited to hear what advertising integrations you would add to the all-new OrderMetrics. Head over to our roadmap to add your vote!

How do I go about adding ad spend from these services in the all-new OrderMetrics?

We suggest adding your ad spend from Snapchat Ads, Bing Ads etc as an Operating Cost. Operating Costs are subtracted when calculating your Net Profit.

To do this, first calculate your total ad spend for a given date. Next, head over to Data > Operating Costs and click on the “Add Cost” button.

Note: In the all-new OrderMetrics, newly created operating costs are automatically split across each day of the month. For example, if you create an operating cost of $1,000 on Jan 17, we will split this $1,000 across each of the 31 days in January. So your operating cost for Jan 17 will be $32.25, not $1,000.

Also, new operating costs you create will be adjusted in your metrics at the next daily sync. For example, if you create an operating cost at 5 pm local time, it will be factored into your metrics at 12:00 am local time next day (when the next daily sync occurs).

What happens to all my legacy data from these unsupported integrations?

If you had advertising data in the legacy OrderMetrics from services that are not included in the all-new OrderMetrics, we will bring it over to the all-new OrderMetrics as an aggregate for each day. This way, your historical metrics will remain accurate. However these will be brought over as Operating Costs and treated as such in your metrics. Therefore the legacy ad spend will not be factored into marketing reports or analytics.

This data will show up under Data > Operating Costs, automatically sorted by most recent date.

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