With the launch of the all-new OrderMetrics, we have removed most of the sales channel integrations that are available in the legacy version. These include:

  • Amazon

  • WooCommerce

  • eBay

  • BigCommerce

We are launching the all-new OrderMetrics with support for Shopify storefronts only.

Why were the sales channel integrations removed?

All of the removed sales channel integrations were complex to maintain and had very low adoption. We invested in building the most popular integration, i.e Shopify. Please note that 97% of our customers use Shopify. Less than 1% of customers used the remaining 4 sales channels. We will continue to explore adding new sales channel platforms based on market potential, technical complexity and user demand.

We are excited to hear what sales channels you would add to the all-new OrderMetrics. Head over to our roadmap to submit your request and add your vote! Our product team will keep you informed if the feature is developed.

How can I incorporate sales from unsupported channels in the all-new OrderMetrics?

At the moment, we do not have a workaround for adding sales from unsupported channels into OrderMetrics. We are looking to quickly add popular platforms after the launch. Stay tuned!

If you’d rather not wait, you can check out these alternative tools that support the integrations we have chosen to sunset:

  • Helium10 (our sister company, offering best in class analytics tools for Amazon merchants)

  • Glew.io

  • Yaguara

But what happens to all the sales data I had from these integrations in the legacy OrderMetrics?

We have chosen to not migrate any sales data from unsupported sales integrations over to the new version. Historical data for Shopify stores will be synced when you migrate.

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