The all-new OrderMetrics presents a cleaner dashboard UI, is easier to digest, and presents the most important information upfront.

Snippets of each report now exist in the dashboard for easier navigation to more detail (e.g., Expense Breakdown and Marketing Report). Product Insights were brought to the dashboard, replacing the “Order Data” section in the legacy version. You can still find per-order metrics in the Order Report.

Below you can find details of every dashboard metric from the legacy version, and where you can find it in the all-new OrderMetrics.

*OrderMetrics made the decision to remove Sales Tax from the Revenue metric. This is inconsistent with Shopify’s reporting (which includes Sales Tax). The reason for this decision is removing tax provides a much truer picture of the merchant’s business performance. Tax is not considered revenue for a business, it’s owed to the local revenue authority. It is actually a liability that does not show up on the income statement. Here is more context from a US perspective.

Additional notes on the new profit dashboard:

  • For accounts that have multiple stores connected, the option to select specific stores for the dashboard metrics is not available in the all-new OrderMetrics at launch. This feature will be added later in 2021.

  • The “Products” filter from the legacy version is not available in the all-new version. Instead, we have created a brand new report. You can access the Products report in the Reports section.

  • The “Presets” feature from the legacy version has been sunset. We will continue to explore a better implementation post launch.

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