OrderMetrics no longer supports syncing product costs and shipping costs from AliExpress. AliExpress has a very complex API, that as many as you found, was not reliable. Additionally, the Chrome extension we developed to support our dropshipping customers was taken down by Google. We have decided to completely sunset this integration to increase the integrity and reliability of OrderMetrics.

Below we’ve explained different methods you could use to keep your COGS and Shipping cost data updated in OrderMetrics without the AliExpress integration.

  • Option 1: Add total AliExpress costs as a Custom Spend

  • Option 2: Configure COGS and Shipping Costs separately

Option 1: Add total AliExpress costs as a Custom Spend

This option is great for customers who:

  • Have a complex pricing arrangement with their suppliers. For example, the cost of an order might change based on the variant, the country it is being shipped to, and the quantity.

  • See frequent changes in the product’s price on AliExpress, i.e the price might change a few times over the course of a month

Before we dive into this workaround, you might want to check out our guide on Custom Spends. Simply put, a custom spend is a generic expense that is subtracted from your gross profit when we calculate net profit. This feature was built to accommodate costs such as rent, influencer payments, software subscription fees etc -- costs that OrderMetrics cannot fetch itself. Check out our Custom Spends guide for more information.

To add your total AliExpress costs as a Custom Spend, you will first need to determine how much you spent in total on AliExpress for a given time period. You could find this information by:

  • adding up your credit card charges

  • exporting data from your dropshipping app (e.g Oberlo)

  • exporting your AliExpress orders directly into a spreadsheet

Let’s say you’ve determined that you spent $1,000 on AliExpress for the week of Jan 11 - Jan 17. To feed this information into OrderMetrics, you would head over to Data Warehouse > Custom Spends and create a custom spend as shown in the screenshot below:

With the Custom Spend in place, OrderMetrics will automatically subtract the $1,000 from your gross profit when calculating net profit. This way, your net profit will always stay accurate.

What are the upsides of this approach?

If updated on a regular cadence, this approach will result in the most accurate net profit value on the profit dashboard. This is because you are feeding the exact amounts you paid to AliExpress instead of having OrderMetrics calculate the COGS and Shipping Costs for every order.

What are the downsides of this approach?

  • When we had the AliExpress integration in place, you could track your COGS and Shipping Costs separately, all pulled directly from AliExpress. This will no longer be possible if you add the total AliExpress expenses as a Custom Spend. You would only see the AliExpress expenses as a total if you hover your mouse over over the Custom Spend value in the main dashboard:

  • This is a manual process. You will need to repeat these steps every time you wish to add your AliExpress costs into OrderMetrics.

Option 2: Configure COGS and Shipping Costs separately

OrderMetrics has a host of options which you could use to set up your COGS and Shipping Costs separately. This approach should work well for customers who:

  • Do not incur a frequent price change on AliExpress for the products they sell

  • Do not have a complex pricing workflow with their supplier

To set up the COGS (aka product costs), you can use any one of the following options:

  • Manually enter COGS for individual SKUs

  • Bulk upload COGS for multiple SKUs

  • Configure COGS as a percentage of sale price (Estimated COGS)

Head over to our COGS setup guide for a detailed overview of these options.

To set up the shipping costs, you can use any one of the following options:

  • Manually upload shipping costs at the order level

  • Configure shipping cost rules at the product level

  • Configure fixed shipping costs for all orders

Our shipping costs setup guide expands on all of the above options.

What are the upsides to this approach?

  • Low maintenance

  • Track COGS and Shipping Costs separately

What are the downsides to this approach?

This approach does not work well if the product prices keep changing on AliExpress, or if they change based on a combination of quantity, destination country, or variant type.

We hope you found this guide useful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via live chat or email us at hello@ordermetrics.io

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