What are the sales channels OrderMetrics can connect with today?

OrderMetrics can connect with the following sales channels at the moment:

  • Shopify

  • BigCommerce

  • WooCommerce

  • Amazon Seller

  • Ebay

How many stores can I add to a single OrderMetrics account?

If you are on our Pro plan, you can add an unlimited number of stores to your account. We offer tools like the Presets feature to separate your metrics for individual stores and their corresponding ad accounts. Learn more about this here [embed link to Presets doc].

Is my billing impacted by the number of stores I connect?

No, we calculate your bill every month based on the average monthly revenue (from all storefronts combined) for the last three full months. So the amount you are billed depends on your revenue instead of the number of stores you have connected. Learn more about this here.

If I connect multiple Shopify stores, will you bill each store separately?

If you connect multiple Shopify stores to a single OrderMetrics account, we will only bill the original account you signed up with. The amount you'll be billed depends on your average monthly revenue for the last three calendar months, for all connected storefronts combined.

For example, if you had revenue of $10,000 in Jan, $15,000 in Feb, and $20,000 in March (for all stores combined) - your average monthly revenue for these months would be $15,000. Based on this number, your bill for April will be $59 USD. However if your average monthly revenue was $25,000, your bill for April would be $99 USD. See full tier list below:

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