OrderMetrics can connect with your Google Ads accounts to pull ad spend information into your OrderMetrics Profit Dashboard! This integration is only available on the Pro plan.

OrderMetrics pulls in all historical Google Ad data - including ad spend, campaign, ad set, and ad level data.

Setup Guide

  1. Go to Data Warehouse > Integrations and turn on the Google Ads Integration

2. Login to Google and approve all permissions

3. Select the ad accounts you wish to connect and click on “Connect”

That’s it! The app will start syncing your ad spend from Google. Note that we sync all of your ad spend history so the initial sync might take a while to complete.

What attribution model is used when defining revenue from a specific channel/campaign on the Marketing Analysis > Campaign Details area?

The last click model is used by default, and can not be changed on the Campaign Details view.

You can change the attribution model on the Customer Journey View, but not on the Campaign Details view.

Can I connect more than one Google Account to a single OrderMetrics account?

Yes! You can add multiple Google Ad accounts by heading to Data Warehouse -> Integrations and finding the Advertising switch.

Click the red "Remove" button and then turn the switch back on (see attached). Go through the steps, select the accounts you want to add and you should be good to go!

Note: In order to add an additional Google Ad Account the account needs to be shared with a single Google account. Here is a helpful document to share your access

Do you include Google Smart Campaigns?

Right now we are unable to retrieve ad spend from Smart Campaigns. This is something we may support in the future

Do you support syncing ad spend from Manager accounts on Google Ads?

Right now OrderMetrics does not support syncing ad spend from Manager accounts (previously known as MCC accounts) on Google Ads. In this case, a good workaround is to share access to the individual accounts with a new Google account. Learn more about sharing access here

I can’t get my Google Ads account to integrate with OrderMetrics. What do I do now?

We have seen some customers set up 2 Factor Authentication on Google Ads, then retried integrating with OrderMetrics. The integration did work once 2FA was set up.

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