OrderMetrics calculates your transaction fees for each order. The transaction fees are subtracted from revenue when calculating gross profit.

To set up transaction fee rates for the payment providers you use, head over to Settings > Transaction Fees. This section will show all the payment providers we have detected for your store.

You can also view transaction fees for individual orders in the Order Data section of the main dashboard:

What if I have negotiated a lower transaction fee rate? Can I configure new rates without affecting past orders?

Right now OrderMetrics does not offer a feature where you can differentiate transaction fee rates for different time periods. Please note, if the transaction fee rates are updated, the updated rate will apply to past orders as well.

I don’t see one of my payment providers in the list under Settings > Transaction Fees

Check if you have at least one order that was processed by the missing payment provider. Once we have synced at least one such order, the provider should appear in the list.

Do you account for currency conversion fees for Shopify?

Right now OrderMetrics does not account for currency conversion fees.

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