Getting Started with Snapchat Ads

OrderMetrics can connect with your Snapchat accounts to pull ad spend information into your OrderMetrics Profit Dashboard! This integration is only available on the Pro plan.

*Please note that this feature is still in Beta. If you notice any data issues or errors, please let us know at

Setup Guide

  1. Go to Data Warehouse > Integrations and turn on the Snapchat Ads integration.

2. Login to Snapchat and give access to OrderMetrics app.

3. Select the ad accounts you wish to connect and click on “Connect”.

That’s it! The app will start syncing your ad spend from Snapchat. Note that we sync the last 30 days of Snapchat ad spend history.

If you pay on Snapchat in a different currency than your OrderMetrics dashboard, we are unable to convert the Snapchat values in real time. In this case, you can enter a fixed exchange rate for Snapchat under Settings

If you disconnect the Snapchat integration from OrderMetrics, this will remove all historical ad spend from your OrderMetrics account.

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