OrderMetrics can connect with your Facebook Ads accounts to pull ad spend information into your OrderMetrics Profit Dashboard! This integration is only available on the Pro plan.

Setup Guide

  1. Go to Data Warehouse > Integrations and turn on the Facebook Ads integration.

Note on the “Auto-tag new FB Ads” checkbox: this is an optional feature which is not required to fetch ad spend from Facebook. We suggest turning this on only if you plan on using our Marketing Attribution feature.

2. Login to Facebook and approve all permissions.

3. Select the ad accounts you wish to connect and click on “Connect”.

That’s it! The app will start syncing your ad spend from Facebook. Note that we sync all of your ad spend history so the initial sync might take a while to complete.

Can I connect more than one Facebook Business Manager account to a single OrderMetrics account?

Right now OrderMetrics does not support multiple Facebook profiles connected to a single account. This is something we may add in the future.

Does OrderMetrics include the tax I pay on my invoice from Facebook?

We are only able to include the ad spend from your Facebook Invoices. Tax on Facebook Ad Spend Invoices is not included. If you incur additional fees or taxes, please consider adding them as a Custom Spend

I have created a new Facebook Ads account. How do I add it to OrderMetrics?

Please note that the new ad account must be connected to the same Facebook profile you have connected to OrderMetrics. To add the new account to OrderMetrics, head over to Data Warehouse > Integrations and click on the “Edit” button for Facebook.

My Facebook ad spend has stopped syncing!

Most likely your Facebook credentials have expired. If this is the case, you will see an alert similar to the one below when you login to OrderMetrics.

To resolve this issue, click on OK and follow the steps for re-authentication.

What if I pay on Facebook in a different currency than my OrderMetrics currency?

OrderMetrics automatically converts your Facebook Ads spend into the currency of your storefront by taking into account fluctuations in currency conversion rates over time. Learn more about currency conversions in this guide

I have connected multiple stores and corresponding Facebook Ads accounts to OrderMetrics, however the ad spend is not shown separately if I select a single store.

You can create “Presets” to pair stores with their corresponding ad accounts. You can learn more about Presets here

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