OrderMetrics can connect with your Google Analytics account to include visitor information and calculate conversion rate. This integration is only available on the Pro plan.

Setup Guide

  1. Go to Data Warehouse > Integrations and turn on the Google Analytics integration.

Once you turn on the integration, you will be asked to login to your Google account and give access to OrderMetrics the required permissions to connect with your GA account. Once this is done, OrderMetrics will start syncing your GA data

Based on the information we receive from Google Analytics, we calculate the following metrics:

  1. # Unique Visitors

  2. Conversion Rate

  3. Revenue Per Visitor

  4. Net Profit Per Visitor

For a given date range, the number of unique visitors in OrderMetrics should match the number of “Users” you see in Google Analytics for the same range.

What if I have multiple stores connected to OrderMetrics and I wish to see visitor information separately for each store?

Right now OrderMetrics does not offer the ability to segregate visitor information for individual storefronts. This is something we may add in the future.

Why am I seeing significantly less visitors in OrderMetrics as compared to Google Analytics?

By default, OrderMetrics shows the unique visitors who have visited a product page, not all visitors to your website.

This allows you to see conversion rates and unique visitors filtered by product (using our product filter in the upper right of the Profit Dashboard)

You can edit this by clicking "Edit Stat Rows" on the main Profit Dashboard tab.

Deselect ‘Only Show Users who have visited a product page’, this will switch your number of visitors to all visitors to your website in GA.

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