The Quantity Breaks feature allows you to configure increasing/decreasing shipping costs for the same product based on the quantity purchased.

For example, let’s assume that my supplier charges me the following rates based on quantity shipped for my product called "Wool Sweater":

  • Qty: 1 → Shipping Cost for the order: $3

  • Qty: 2 → Shipping Cost for the order: $5

  • Qty: 3 → Shipping Cost for the order: $7

  • Qty: 4 to 10 → Shipping Cost for the order: $15

To configure these rules in OrderMetrics, I would head over to Data Warehouse > Shipping Data > Priority 2 and click on “Manage” under the “Quantity Breaks” column for Wool Sweater.

Note: Quantity break rules become more complex to configure if you have checked the following checkbox:

We suggest leaving this checkbox unchecked for simplicity with creating quantity break rules. Assuming that this option is unchecked, here’s how you would create quantity break rules based on the example above

So far we have gone through the process of creating quantity based shipping rules for individual products. However you can create a universal set of quantity based shipping rules which will apply to all products. This is useful if the rates you’ve negotiated with your supplier do not vary from product to product.

To create universal quantity based shipping cost rules, click on “Manage” under “Default Quantity Breaks”.

Please note that the ranges for quantity breaks are not inclusive. For example, if you create a range from 1 to 5, it would apply to 1, 2, 3 and 4. The next range should start with 5. If the ranges overlap, you will get an error.

The creation of these ranges can take from seconds to minutes, depending on the number of orders that will get their shipping cost recalculated based on the changes made.

Learn more about shipping rules in our full guide:

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