How does the currency conversion for multiple storefronts work?

OrderMetrics enables users to connect several storefronts to their dashboard. The functional currency of the dashboard is set to the currency of the first storefront added to OrderMetrics. Additional storefronts that are in a different currency will be converted into the functional currency of your main dashboard. 

Do I need to enable this feature?

The currency conversion is automatically enabled and the new currency conversion rates are updated daily. 

How does the conversion apply to historical data?

Historical data is converted at historical conversion rates. As an example, if today we had a conversion rate of £1 :$2 our orders from today will have £1 :$2 applied to convert from pounds to dollars. Last week the conversion rate was £1 :$1 so orders from last week will have a historical conversion rate applied of £1 :$1. 

What conversion rate will you be using?

We’ll be using real-time rates from

Does this work with multiple Amazon and Shopify storefronts?


When and how often will you convert currency data?

The conversion takes place instantly. We will obtain a rate for each day at approximately 1am GMT. 

How do I import the product cost for my non-currency account?

Product costs imported into the non-currency account should be in the functional currency of your main dashboard.

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