What is the lite plan?

Our lite plan is a flat rate of $29 and is recommended for smaller stores. The plan provides our core dashboard functionality and allows for one storefront connection (ie Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon, or eBay). The plan does not include the custom shipping, analytics and advertising integrations. Additionally, the plan does not allow for country based shipping rules, historical cost-of-goods and marketing analysis.

What is the pro plan?

The Pro plan offers the full features, integrations and analytics of OrderMetrics. The plan is flexibly priced based on revenue and requires no long-term or annual contracts. The Pro plan allows for unlimited storefront connections (For example Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon, or eBay) and includes custom shipping, analytics and advertising integrations.

In summary, the Pro plan offers all features whereas the Lite plan is limited. Options like multiple storefront connections, ad spend tracking, custom spends, and custom shipping costs are good examples of features that are not available in the Lite plan.

Feature Comparison of Lite vs Pro

Billing at OrderMetrics

The Lite plan has a fixed cost of $29/month.

The Pro plan does not have a fixed cost per month. The cost per month is calculated every month based on your average monthly revenue for the last three calendar months.

For example, if you had revenue of $10,000 in Jan, $15,000 in Feb, and $20,000 in March (for all stores combined) - your average monthly revenue for these months would be $15,000. Based on this number, your bill for April will be $59 USD. However if your average monthly revenue was $25,000, your bill for April would be $99 USD.

See full tier list below from our public pricing page:

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