OrderMetrics allows you to import your product and shipping costs for orders that are dropshipped from AliExpress. This integration is only available in the Pro plan.

How It Works

The AliExpress integration works by using our Chrome extension. This extension will pull product costs and shipping costs from your AliExpress Orders page. The sync process must be initiated by the user on a regular cadence. Most merchants run the sync on a daily basis.

Note: If you are using Oberlo or Dsers as your dropshipping app, a shipment tracking number must be reported back to Shopify for each order before we can sync the costs from AliExpress.

If you are using Dropified, we can sync the costs from AliExpress without waiting for a shipment tracking number. Please make sure that the following setting is enabled in Dropified.

Setup Guide

This integration requires you to install a Chrome extension and run a sync from AliExpress. Make sure you are using Chrome as your web browser for configuring AliExpress.

  1. In OrderMetrics, head over to Data Warehouse > Integrations and turn on AliExpress

2. Click on Install Extension

3. The system will redirect you to the Chrome Web Store. Install the extension by clicking on “Add to Chrome”

4. Once the OrderMetrics Chrome extension is installed, go to the Orders page in your AliExpress admin and click on “Sync all orders”. This initial sync might take a while depending on the amount of orders we need to sync.

5. Once the AliExpress orders are synced, we will update the product costs (COGS) and shipping costs for corresponding Shopify orders in OrderMetrics. These values will be displayed in purple, indicating that they have been pulled from AliExpress.

Using the AliExpress Integration on a daily basis

We recommend syncing your AliExpress costs on a daily basis. Go to the Orders page in your AliExpress admin and click on “Sync X orders”. Next, enter the number of latest orders to sync and click on “Start”.

What values will you use until actual values are synced from AliExpress?

We suggest adding average COGS and Shipping Costs for your most popular products manually in OrderMetrics. This way, we will use these values until the actual values are synced from AliExpress.

You can enter product costs manually by heading over to Data Warehouse > COGS Data. Shipping Costs can be configured under Data Warehouse > Shipping Data.

We also fall back on our shipping cost rules if an Aliexpress cost cannot be found

What if I pay on AliExpress in a different currency than my shop?

Right now OrderMetrics does not support automatic currency conversion for AliExpress. If you pay on AliExpress in a different currency than your OrderMetrics dashboard currency, please consider entering an exchange rate manually under Settings

Hope this article was helpful! If you have any questions, please reach out at hello@ordermetrics.io

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