Transaction Fees are automatically synced if you use Shopify payments. Your transaction fees are displayed as an aggregate sum on the dashboard. For any other Online Payment gateway, we suggest entering monthly totals as Operating Costs. Please use the Category "Transaction Fees" and set the Payee as the name of the Online Payment Gateway.

For example, if you use PayPal or Stripe, you would need to manually enter your transaction fees as a monthly operating cost.

  • Enter Paypal or Stripe as the Payee

  • Enter Transaction Fees as the Category.

  • Enter the Expense amount, and voila! You’re done.

Keep in mind, when you enter an aggregated total the fee will be spread out over the entire month you have entered (so if $93 is entered on 2/1, you will see $3/day on each day in February).

Note: New operating costs you create will be adjusted in your metrics at the next daily sync. For example, if you create an operating cost at 5 pm local time, it will be factored into your metrics at 12:00 am local time next day (when the next daily sync occurs).

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