How do I setup product shipping rules?

First navigate to the data warehouse and then to the shipping data tab. Product shipping rules are located therein; to create a new product shipping rule click on manage country rules. The following window should pop-up for you to add your shipping costs by country or by default.

How do I setup shipping for multi-line orders?

We have two options for adding shipping costs for multi-line orders. First we have the option to use the highest shipping cost of the order or to use the sum of shipping costs. Here is the toggle to choose either option:

In this example the shipping costs are set to the highest product shipping cost of $5:

In this example the shipping costs ($5 for both items) are added together for a total of $10:

How do I setup shipping for incremental orders?

We have a feature that allows users to set how order shipping is calculated for orders with incremental quantities of the same product. For example, if I sell 2 of product A  and it typically costs $5 to ship product A I can either set the shipping rule to multiply the shipping cost $10 or to keep the shipping cost as fixed at $5. 

Example of fixed quantity shipping:

Example of multiplied shipping cost for incremental orders:

The toggle to make the change is located in the shipping part of the data warehouse under the shipping rules:

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