First things first - make sure to watch the video below

You can download the required Chrome Extension here

This extension allows cost syncing directly from the Aliexpress Admin panel

Even if you use our AliExpress integration, we strongly recommend entering product costs for (at least) your top selling products under Data Warehouse -> COGS Data. This is because we fall back on these numbers if for some reason we cannot match and AliExpress cost with a Shopify order.

We also fall back on our shipping cost rules if an Aliexpress cost cannot be found

Dropified vs. Oberlo (or other tool)

One more thing, if you use Dropified, we can get AliExpress cost data as soon as you sync AliExpress and OrderMetrics via our Chrome Extension (Important! make sure the Dropified setting "Include Aliexpress ID's in the Shopify order Note field" is enabled). 

If you use Oberlo, we must wait until a tracking number is reported back to Shopify to match cost data.

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